Al otro lado del Miedo                                            Personal project 2021                                                      Audiovisual

A few weeks ago, I finished reading “One Hundred Years of Solitude”, the classic by Gabriel García Márquez. I loved the novel precisely because of its most well-known particularity, Magical Realism, a name that in itself freaks me out, and what it is, to put it quickly, a movement that shows the unreal and fantastic, as something everyday and common. Well, that amazes me.

Troughout history, there are many curious visions, but one of the ones that stayed with me the most was that of the yellow butterflies. One of the protagonists has a secret affair with a girl, and in his wake, a lot of yellow butterflies flutter, later, they realize, that they appear because of the connection they have between the two, a force that cannot be hidden. I really liked this symbolism of butterflies as messengers of good energy, happiness and love. I didn't know what the video was going to be about, but yellow butterflies would be sure. 
I needed to decide the message of the story, what prevents these good vibes from appearing in our lives? what conditions us, stops us; and won't let us be? Mainly, Fear. And I put it in capital letters because I found it funny to turn it into something physical, with feet and a “head”. And personally, I think it's one of the worst feelings we have.

You will also see some eggs out there, apart from the fact that I like its shape, without further ado, I am not going to get more intense, it also seemed like a cool nod to the surrealist world. Dalí used to use them as a symbol of the hard and the soft, the exterior and the interior, the defense that we mount to protect our vulnerable part. Shit, I'm getting intense again. Well, without further mental smoking, I leave you with this ode to magical realism, to life, this invitation to spend this year on the good side, on the other side of fear.

I hope you guys like it.