Ark Illustrated                                                      
Personal Project, 2021                                                                Illustration

Joel Sartore, is a photographer who has decided to dedicate the rest of his career to portray all the animal species on earth, in a project in collaboration with The National Geography Society, entitled, Photo Ark. His main goal is to offer an intimate and clean look at each of these species, creating an archive, a tribute to all the biodiversity of our planet. It is a race against time to capture images of animals, in many cases, never photographed, before they disappear forever. I recommend you take a look at this project at
had known about this project for some time, and I was always got mesmerized by the beauty and simplicity of the portraits of these fantastic animals. Under a lens and a gaze that showed us these beings with a sincerity and dignity as I had not seen before. For this reason, I thought that my way of contributing and disseminating this great project could be by covering some of these portraits with my illustrations. Hence, I considered this project to be a tribute to a tribute to terrestrial animal life.
My goal is to version these photographs with my illustration style, but without losing the essence and the unique and recognizable characteristics of each of these animals. Also, I attached next to each species, its habitat and main area of ​​distribution on a global map. The main objective, apart from being a creative challenge, is the divulgative aim. Show and give value to some species, which, in some cases, are not even known to the general public. For this reason, I write in each of my publications, a brief summary with general characteristics and curiosities of these beings.