Propuesta Calcetines infantiles                           K    Commissioned Project, 2022                                              lllustration/Product

The assignment was to design two proposals for socks, with their packaging for an animal-themed children's collection.
In this first proposal, I present to you these two crocodiles that are not as fierce as they seem, especially when unexpected visitors arrive. The proposal simulates the head and texture of these crocodiles with a grid print in two shades of lime green and darker. The design of each side would be different, in order to generate the desired situation of the two characters.
Who has not played at some time to look for and observe the snails in the field after a rainy day? With this proposal, we can enjoy that moment with these two colorful lettuce eaters. The proposal takes advantage of the shell pattern, combining lines of two thicknesses, to create the main motif of the sock. In the upper zone, we find a “valance” of smiling mollusks on a lavender background.