Living Form                                                     Final Degree Project 2021                                                Product Design

Life is everything we are, and everything we have, even so, there are many things about it that still escape beyond us and we do not know or manage to understand. In this project, we will tackle one of the main keys to unravel life’s most hidden mysteries, DNA.It is a powerful molecule present in all the cells of our body, with all the information about how and who we are, about our past and even our future. This project delves into this exciting topic with one main objective: to generate a design proposal that synthesizes and explains in an evocative way information about the revolutionary science of genetics.
Living Form is a poetic and sensory representation of DNA, the code that makes us unique. This dissemination project is within the framework of Chrom Design, an interdisciplinary and innovative network of European institutions, whose main objective is to investigate new scientific study and communication tools to investigate and raise awareness about the importance of chromatin, a key component to understand better the human genome, our genetic code.

This proposal addresses this objective with an installation loaded with symbolism, offering a reflective experience that invites the user to understand and feel involved with the molecule of life present in all of us, DNA; in a poetic language, rare in the world of popular science. 
The installation has two basic parts, the outer face, a sculptural proposal with natural inspirations, raised as a totem dedicated to life and nature. And the interior area, a set of illuminated mobiles that narrate the creation of the human body, with the DNA molecule as the main engine and energy of this show that is the creation of a new, unique and unrepeatable being.
As previously mentioned, this installation aims to raise awareness and make DNA known as an essential element for the generation of a unique living being, for our creation. To do this, I focus on the process of embryonic development, starting from the zygote, an original cell, to a mirror that shows the reflection of the users. We all start the same, our cells are a blank canvas. DNA is that element capable of unlocking the information to turn these cells into something unique that, combined with each other, will turn into a different and unrepeatable being, into your body. The DNA of each life is unique, so each life is unrepeatable. 
This message, in addition to the visual format of the illuminated rings, will be transmitted through the close and casual voice-over of that initial cell, that is living this whole process in first “person”. This effect is shown in the video of the experience simulation that I have made for the presentation.