El Adiós de Chiqui                                                          Personal Project, 2022                                                                    Poster Design

A few days ago I found out that the emblematic Chiqui shoe store was closing. Chiqui is a traditional children's shoe store in Gijón, which has dressed the little feet of many of those who are probably reading this, me included. I remember the adrenaline of getting on the stool with chains and above all, being completely hypnotized by the big orange fish in the fish tank in the background, while the parents were looking for my shoes. 
An icon is gone, an emblem of our childhood that I wanted to honor with my own version of Chiqui's child, the undisputed protagonist of the Plaza del Parchís. See you always Chiqui!! we will always take you in the shoes of the swings, the cops and crooks and the snails in the rain.