Manual Living                                                      Academic Assignment 2019                                                          Product Design

Collection of lamps, inspired in the philosophy and the materials behind the iconic footwear of the espadrille
La Manual Alpargatera, a Barcelona espadrille store pioneer in the sale and distribution of this type of footwear. Since 1940, have been the first espadrille workshop to create fashion espadrilles, before espadrille shoes were considered a fashion shoe. By combining shoe tradition with fashion.We believe that this has been a great achievement, which can be applied to other design areas beyond the world of footwear, for that reason, we have created, La Manual living.
The U parabola, is a geometric figure that appears in architecture, in arches, doors and ceilings as volta catalana, in the prow of a boat, in the sickle of a peasant and, without going any further, in the toecap of our espadrilles. We decided to take this form and exploit it, combine it with our main materials, fabric and esparto. We realized that these two elements we were working with, created some interesting effects in contact with light. Our contribution to the collection of The Manual Living, comes from the world of lighting, we have developed two lamp proposals, each with a function, and of course, a name that defines them. 
One of the strengths of our lamps is the process of development, one by one manually, welding structures, cutting fabrics and rolling sisal. The previous photos show different phases of this long but rewarding work. "We realized that these two elements that were working with, created some very interesting effects in contact with light"

Duo - A table lamp, conceived as a design that can work either alone or combined. We can find it in two variants, with the main body of fabric or sisal, depending on the modality, you get a different quality of light, and its combination creates a curious game of contrasts and opposites. It shows us the versatility of these two materials. 
Volta - A versatile standing lamp, its practical dimensions, allow it to be large enough to be a good choice as floor light, but small enough to also be comfortable to place on a shelf or a small corner. It can be placed both vertically and reclining on one side.