No más lágrimas!                                                Carnival poster winner, 2023                                                llustration

"Feel like a diva and the world will treat you as such" if not, take a look at these two; I had never talked so much about a sardine in my life. I am very excited to present you this year's Gijon carnival poster (Antroxu in Asturian), and I take this opportunity to thank the fantastic and warm welcome that this strange couple of Cantabrian divas has received. Thank you Divertia for the opportunity, the main regional media for the dissemination and good treatment, and all the people who have contacted me to congratulate me THANK YOU! 
Now I will explain you the context: as in some other places, during the days of Carnival in Gijón; a sardine visits us. She dances, laughs and enjoys the party in the fishing village until the last day (dramatic twist) she dies. A burial is carried out in which the mourners, generally women, dressed in mourning, inconsolably cry the death of the beloved fish. As you can imagine, this whole event has a rather comical tone. Since I was little, I really liked the general atmosphere of carnival, seeing adults having fun, without taking themselves too seriously and taking away from matters as taboo as death. 
That's why I wanted to represent this older woman happy and letting go of that handkerchief of tears, letting go of that sadness. By the way, the drawing is titled: "No more tears" This poster is a tribute to all that, to laugh at oneself and at life, to the importance of having fun at any age, and why not, to feel like a diva from time to time. Long live the Antroxu! Long live Gijón! Long live the Sardine! (the days that she endures) Long live Carnival!