Rashomon                                                            Academic Assignment, 2020                                                  Poster Design

In medieval Japan, the legend says that a samurai and his wife were raped and brutally murdered by a bandit in the darkness of the forest. The facts seem clear and obvious ... or not? With this film, acclaimed Japanese director Akira Kurosawa, opened a new way of telling stories and opened a debate: Is the truth always one and objective?
This proposal of more figurative poster, deals with the idea of representing the characters from a distorted reality, but in this case, I play with the combination of different windows, different points of view, which offer us one or another information about the characters.
As a curiosity, this last proposal is made with a mixed technique of photography and illustration, which I believe generates greater quality to the textures of the characters. Basically I took the photo of a wavy zigzag paper to generate the basis of the characters' dresses. Next, I attached some pictures of the making off.